Hospital Information System:

SISH (Software for Integrated Services in Hospital) is software aimed to provide computerized patient care services. It is developed by a group of medical and IT professionals. With SISH, all departments of a hospital work in an integrated fashion. SISH is only system of its kind available in Nepal which is truly a Hospital Information System (HIS). It reduces practice errors of physician taking help of data inputs from other departments. The system advises the user by performing a complicated data processing. In this system, patient examinations, laboratory and diagnostic parameters and medicines used are correlated to each other and any changes occurring at one place recommends changes in other. Along with medical features all the required inventory and billing services are available in an accurate way.

Management Information System:

MIS (Management Information System) is a customized application according to organization’s requirement. It includes accounting, entry of official records/transaction, reporting etc. The feature of MIS is depend on nature and structure of organization.

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